How to Generate More MQLs for Your B2B SaaS

How to Generate More MQLs for Your B2B SaaS?
B2B SaaS lead generation is a complex process. You want not only to increase the number of leads in your B2B SaaS but also to make them qualified to have higher conversion rates.

There are several ways you can generate MQLs – for B2B SaaS(Marketing Qualified Leads).

Gated Content

When you provide some original and valuable information you may gate your content. You can ask for your B2B SaaS prospects’ contact information to open access to this content. Not all of your leads would want to share this information. However, the ones who are qualified will do it.


A short survey can flunk out the prospects that are not that interested in your B2B SaaS or are not ready to buy it yet. It’s a win-win because you can learn a lot about your B2B SaaS target audience from surveys too. It’s a good idea to send your prospects a survey when they show interest in your B2B SaaS, for example, when they sign up to your newsletter or download your freebie. But how to get your prospects to spend the time to complete the surveys? Offer them some reward connected with your B2B SaaS. It can be better conditions of the trial period or additional features. Therefore, a survey, even a very short one, will help you get more qualified leads, as only the ones who are really interested in your B2B SaaS will spend their time and effort on survey completion.

Nurturing Workflows

Surveys are not the only way to nurture leads. Your leads can also become more qualified when you encourage them to engage in other activities. It can be downloading an offer, completing a form or requesting a demo. Nurturing workflows allow you to understand the prospects that are really interested in your B2B SaaS and are likely to convert to customers.

Paid Ads

Even though paid ads do not always guarantee qualified leads, there are several metrics that can help you distinguish your B2B SaaS MQLs. These metrics include click-through rates, cost for clicks, which can be paired with Google Analytics Data to see the conversion rate, the time spent on the page, how deeply the prospects scroll the page and go into the site. If you use LinkedIn, these metrics can be seen on LinkedIn campaign manager.

To understand your organic audience better, it is also useful to analyze the users who engage with your content. To connect with them you should analyze what they are writing, who they are tagging, what posts they like.

ABM (Account-Based Marketing)

This approach is very effective for increasing MQLs in B2B SaaS. Targeting accounts of higher executives, such as CMOs or CEOs, allows you to connect with your prospects better. Also, when you showcase the solutions you can offer to their pains, they are more likely to be interested in your B2B SaaS and become qualified leads. This is a personalized approach that allows you to hit the pain points of the particular business you are targeting.

How to Identify MQLs?

You need to establish lead scoring as part of your B2B SaaS marketing strategy. It is necessary to distinguish the leads who read several blog posts on your website and then come back in a few days and view a case study from those who read one blog post and then leave your B2B SaaS website. Lead scoring in B2B SaaS is also useful to understand your prospects better and find better approaches to them.

Every B2B SaaS needs leads that are qualified and will be nurtured to become loyal customers. There are various marketing practices that can help you generate more MQLs for your B2B SaaS. With the help of lead scoring, you can identify which leads are qualified and more likely to convert.

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