Who We Are

About Revenue, Inc.

Revenue, Inc. is a hands-on Marketing & Sales consulting firm with deep executive-level expertise in driving the full Revenue funnel, GTM (Go-to-Market), demand & lead generation, as well as sales management for B2B SaaS companies.  We are dedicated to helping you accelerate your revenue growth and we’re exclusively focused on real results, not recommendations.

We are dedicated to helping you accelerate your sales growth and we’re exclusively focused on real results as measured by qualified leads, Opportunities in the sales pipeline, and actual sales and not merely recommendations.

We were originally founded by Zorian Rotenberg who was an EVP of Sales and a CRO running both Sales and Demand Gen teams in multiple highly successful SaaS companies with an average of 100% growth in leads and sales.

What We Do (Uniquely & Differently)

Revenue, Inc. is different from a traditional marketing agency or an outsourced marketing team. We don’t offer advice – we actually execute and produce real, tangible and sustainable results.

We are a unique, boutique, on-demand revenue growth agency for your SaaS company.

SaaS Sales & Marketing Executives

Firstly, we were started by Sales & Marketing C-Level executives who’ve been on Leadership Teams at high-growth SaaS companies for the past 10-20 years with multiple successful exits. Because all of our team members have real-world, hands-on experience as senior Sales and Marketing executives in SaaS (Leadership / Management Teams with executive oversight and Board accountability), we have deep domain expertise and will work to help you grow your pipeline and predictably scale your sales revenue 100%-300% YoY.  We will help you build that SaaS flywheel.

We Understand Board of Directors Accountability

And, as we mentioned previously, since we were accountable to the Board, we do all that at cost-effective SaaS unit economics (to help optimize your LTV:CAC, or CAC Payback Period, the CAC Ratio or your SaaS Magic Number; in fact, everything we do adheres to the 10 Laws of SaaS and is always with an eye towards increasing your retention and reducing your churn too).


We had real-world execution experience – SaaS scaling experience, hands-on execution towards aggressive goals, and a high-ROI on sales & marketing (and our investor’s capital entrusted to us).

We can therefore apply thee experiences to help you attain your sustainable revenue growth through modern best practices and via unique strategies and tactics learned over 15+ years of running thousands of split tests and experiments and building, optimizing, and operationalizing sales and marketing systems & processes which led to sustainable and significant growth.  We’ve built highly effective teams and led them successfully to execute and deliver on monthly and quarterly goals/KPIs and OKRs.

Our execution is highly effective. Also, it’s “allbound” – inbound, outbound, multi-channel, multi-threaded, automated, hyper-personalized, and always focused on attaining your results.  Our work helps your SaaS company not only get hit its growth goals to get to the next stage of your business successfully but also to be the #1 SaaS in your market. We roll up our sleeves as a genuine partner to our B2B SaaS clients to create a “step function” and transform their “Leads  > Opps > Deals” funnel in a sustainable, predictable, repeatable and scaleable way.

Work Guarantee

What is also uniquely different about us is that we guarantee our work and that we will scale your funnel, sales pipeline and revenue repeatably and predictably.

We are “easy to do business with” and also “easy to stop doing business with” – not only satisfaction but also results guaranteed!  And we stand behind this.

What We Do

Marketing Full Revenue Funnel Strategy

  • Account Based Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Content Assets & Offer Development
  • Promotion of Your Assets
  • Demand Generation


  • Sales Strategy
  • Named Account List-Building
  • Pipeline Growth
  • Sales Process
  • Sales Team Building
  • Sales Org Structure
  • Account Based Sales
  • Sales Automation

Sales Ops & Tech Stack

  • Hubspot
  • Salesforce
  • Outreach / SalesLoft


Sales Analysis

  • Analyze Pipeline Inflow/Outflow
  • Win/Loss Analysis