How to Upgrade Your B2B SaaS SEO Strategy

People usually search for SaaS solutions online. If you want your prospects to find your B2B SaaS, you need to rank high in search by using B2B SaaS SEO strategy. To do this, you need to understand SEO principles.

How Does SEO Work?

Search engines input information about every web page in their search index. It is a virtual data library of website scanning. All websites get the same tools for indexing. The search algorithms sort billions of web pages in a millisecond and show the result that matches the search best.

While not all SEO functions are revealed publicly, there are still some ways to improve your B2B SaaS SEO strategy to increase brand awareness and generate more leads. First and foremost, you should understand that the goal of SEO is to find your B2B SaaS site easily and systematize it within the search engine system to be successfully retrieved by your B2B SaaS prospects.

Here are some basic ideas on mastering your B2B SaaS SEO strategy:

  • Structure your website content so that it is well-perceived by your B2B SaaS prospects and easily comprehensible.
  • Use a layout in your B2B SaaS content so that the algorithms understand its semantics.
  • Research different variants of writing the most popular searches on your topic and use them. Avoid frequent repetition of a single word.
  • The text should be easy to read for your B2B SaaS target audience to actively engage with it.
  • Produce one post for every search intent. Don’t scatter around so as to be more effective in engaging your B2B SaaS target audience with valuable information. You should treat each web page as doing one job. A different page will cover the other intentions of your B2B SaaS prospects.

Think about your B2B SaaS target audience first and then about the SEO algorithms. It’s people that read your content and look for the best solutions for their businesses, not machines. Make your texts readable and use the words your B2B SaaS prospects will easily understand. The salient division of the texts for algorithms and people is fading.

There are also some advanced ideas on how to help improve your B2B SaaS SEO strategy:

Voice Search

The usage of voice search steadily grows. The diagram in the study conducted by Statista showcases it. The main reasons for the growing popularity of voice search are that it is faster and easier. However, there are some specificities in voice search you should keep in mind when developing an SEO strategy for your B2B SaaS. Voice search keywords tend to be longer and are less formal and more conversational in style. For example, when typing a prospect may ask “check my writing,” although in voice search they will say more, e.g., “Hey Siri, find me a tool to check my writing.” Therefore, as voice search is used more and more often, it is effective to add it to your SEO strategy to increase B2B SaaS lead generation. However, keep in mind the specificities of voice search.


Backlinks are links from a page on one website that lead to another. Backlinking is important for improving B2B SaaS SEO strategy because search engines like Google consider backlinks as votes of confidence and the more backlinks your web page has, the more likely it is to rise in search. There are three main points why backlinks are important: they increase your B2B SaaS rankings, expand your discoverability, and bring referral traffic.

CTR (Click-Through-Rate) Optimization

CTR greatly influences the web page’s ability to rank. A click-through rate is determined by the percentage of people who click on your B2B SaaS link when they see it in the SERP (search engine results page). You can optimize your B2B SaaS CTR by writing a magnetic title that catches your prospects’ attention. Also, you need to back up your title with a strong and compelling description that will draw your B2B SaaS leads in. Additionally, you should keep your B2B SaaS URLs easy to read and relevant. Your business target audience will find you more easily and respect your B2B SaaS website page more if it includes words relevant to the search.

An effective SEO strategy is greatly important for your B2B SaaS. You should keep in mind the search engine algorithms and pay attention to their metrics to optimize your B2B SaaS content well. However, don’t forget that it’s people who read your content and engage with it.

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