5 Key Aspects of Successful B2B SaaS Companies

Every successful fast-growing B2B SaaS company has to have a large TAM (Total Addressable Market). But there is more to the best of SaaS – based on what I’ve seen of the best companies where I’ve been on the executive teams including Veeam and Acronis:

  1. Exceptional Customer Experience (CX) – you have to have customer obsession and focus so that you are solving for the customer experience first & everyone is focused on exceptional CX (i.e. as Brian Halligan, CEO of Hubspot, says, “you must have 10x better customer experience”)
  2. Great Product – it just works, the customers need it, they use it, it has a high NPS
  3. Exceptional Marketing & Sales – the best in class demand generation and high-ROI sales teams that help you get a true GTM advantage or a “moat”
  4. Great People – the team is full of highly-effective and talented people with great chemistry and culture and a lot of A-Players (i.e. note our definition of an A-Player)
  5. Focus – the discipline to have laser focus and not get distracted