Demand Generation Marketing

Demand Generation to Grow Qualified Leads for the Sales Pipeline

Our approach is to you based on our experience and by rolling up our sleeves to do real hands-on work and identify value creation opportunities and then implement the key improvements. The focus is to provide real, fast-acting results and not merely recommendations – this starts with immediate improvements in sales and marketing efficiencies and effectiveness and then these quickly result in sales growth.


How We help:

  • Complete analysis and audit of your B2B Marketing / Demand Gen
  • Demand Org & Team Plan to build a best-in-class high-performing team
  • Team Building & hands-on recruitment of top marketing & demand gen talent
  • Improve the full Demand Creation & Lead Generation performance
  • Develop an effective and strong Go-to-Market / GTM Strategy
  • Perform Greenfields Market Research – Identify New and Untapped Opportunities for Growth
  • Develop a full “B2B Marketing Strategy” that includes Demand Generation and other components
  • Ensure your B2B Marketing Strategy is interlocked and aligned to your Sales Strategy
  • Create a “modern” Demand Generation Plan & help with implementation and execution
  • Ensure your Demand Generation is multi-channel and not just content-marketing based
  • Develop a strong Lead Generation process as your key lever to fuel your Sales Pipeline
  • Strategy for measuring progress with the right Marketing Metrics, KPIs & Reports
  • Develop High-ROI Campaigns & Programs and implement and execute them
  • Create a Lead Generation Campaign Plan and help implement and launch them
  • Create Sales & Marketing Alignment and SLAs (and goals)
  • Implement Account-Based Marketing
  • Create a Marketing Operation Strategy
  • Funnel Management
  • Implement and improve Marketing Automation and optimize the Marketing Tech Stack
  • Help with New Product Launches & create demand for them
  • Help build and improve the Sales Enablement function
  • Improve the Market Positioning, Unique Value Proposition & Elevator Pitch to drive value and differentiation
  • Map the Buyer Journey more effectively for Sales and Marketing teams
  • Perform detailed Marketing Segmentation & a clear M.A.P. assessment and writeup
  • Create new vertical or industry-specific marketing plan

Example of hands-on Demand Generation initiatives we help with:

  • Build a new lead generation process from the ground up – defining needs, structure and approach to drive immediate and long -term impact
  • Develop and execute a demand generation strategy using industry best practices that are effective for B2B SaaS business model
  • Management of all inbound and outbound demand generation channels, such as email, direct mail, digital advertising, SEO, webinars, major conferences/ tradeshows and more
  • Mentor and grow existing staff; lead and build the Team / Org plan to scale the demand gen function
  • Define and implement and optimal lead management processes, operations and systems including the taxonomy, lead flow processes, lead nurturing process, SLA requirements with sales, SFDC compliance, etc.
  • Define and develop lead cultivation and nurturing campaigns based on real-time lead scoring, buyer persona qualification, buying journey stage, and other key factors that drive the most ROI
  • Create Dashboards and reports of Demand Gen impact metrics, set demand gen goals and success KPIs
  • End to end analytics, measuring and tracking of demand gen performance, quality and business impact through key metrics
  • Align with sales and BDR/SDR teams to ensure inbound/outbound prospecting is working effectively
  • Forecast lead and MQL flow and align and report with the sales team

Problems we will help you solve:

  • Lack of alignment between marketing and sales that affects sales
  • Marketing is not generating enough leads for the sales team to hit their quota
  • Sales pipeline is not growing predictably and not enough Opportunities for sales to close

Real Results in Demand Generation:

  • Immediate increase in qualified lead flow that impact the sales pipeline
  • Jump in quality and more qualified sales Opportunities entering the pipeline
  • Increase in overall sales and new customers at a 2x – 3x faster growth rate
  • Alignment between sales and marketing across the board
  • Improve Demand Generation effectiveness