6 Steps to Build the Best B2B SaaS Website

A website is important for your B2B SaaS, as it helps to generate leads and grow your revenue. If you miss out on some crucial elements, it will not be effective. Here are several steps to build the best B2B SaaS website that will attract your target audience and increase MQLs.

Clear Organization and Relevant Key Terms

According to the Microsoft study, a typical prospect is likely to spend 8 seconds or less on your website to decide if they want to proceed or not (Source: Microsoft Canada). Therefore, it’s highly important to state all the necessary information clearly and structure it properly. You should use different types of headings for crucial and additional information. Also, keep the usage of keywords and key terms consistent and relevant. It will not only make your user experience better but also boost your SEO. Thus, your B2B SaaS website will go up in search.

Unique Value Proposition

You need to think of the area of your unique expertise or where you excel and boldly state it. Your value statement should be concise but notable. For example, “The #1 writing tool” (Grammarly) or “Good things happen when your staff lives here” (Dropbox). These statements both catchy and accurately represent the product.

There is a simple formula that can help you formulate your value proposition brilliantly:

What you do + why you are best at it=your B2B SaaS value proposition. Don’t forget to use it to make your B2B SaaS website original and memorable!

Demonstrative Visual Imagery

The prospects need to see what they buy. Therefore, the pictures and videos of your product are indispensable for selling it. You can show the main features of your product on your B2B SaaS website using visual imagery. Pictures and videos usually go along on the B2B SaaS website. However, comparing these two types of visuals, videos are proven to be much more effective. But the videos shouldn’t be too long because the prospect may lose interest in the product. A 30 second to one-minute long video is best for a B2B SaaS website to tell about your product and excite the prospects.

A Well-Functioning Demo/Free Trial

When your prospects get excited about your product and realize that they need it, they will want to try it out. To entice them even more, the best B2B SaaS websites include a demo version or a free trial. A well-functioning version of the product will only increase the prospects’ wish to buy it.

Easily Spotted Call-to-Action

It often happens so that when you entice your prospects to the point when they are ready to buy your product, they leave the page before doing it. The reason for it is no clear idea of how to proceed. Therefore, your call-to-action should be properly integrated into your B2B SaaS website. It should stand out from the rest of the content and be easily noted. The message should be concise and written in the imperative form. For example, “Sign up now!” “Learn more” “Give … a try!”

Premium Content for Generating Leads

Initially, you may draw prospects to your B2B SaaS website by blog posts that should be accessible to everyone. However, you may also make special offers for your prospects. It can be a specific guide or an E-book in return for filling out a short form. It’s a win-win because this little favor won’t bother them much and can be very valuable for you. With the collected data, you can continue nurturing the target audience for B2B SaaS lead generation.

Consider these steps when building your B2B SaaS website. They will help you to go up in search and reach your target audience. Also, these steps are crucial for lead generation in your B2B SaaS.

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