7 Quick Tips to Improve Your Lead Generation for B2B SaaS Companies

Every high-growth or growth-stage B2B SaaS company needs to generate qualified leads to grow their sales. Therefore, you need an effective lead generation strategy that works well and is optimized for growth B2B SaaS.

Below we share 8 quick tips that will help you develop an effective lead generation strategy that will take your B2B SaaS company to new growth heights.

1. Define Your ICP More Accurately

The definition of your company’s ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) should include both a detailed and specific type of organization (size, industry, etc.) and who is the specific decision-maker at the company . There is even a micro-segment with their specific problems they want to solve. An accurate ICP combined with a Target Buyer Persona is a key, fundamental element of your lead generation strategy.

2. Use High Quality Assets and Offers (“Lead Magnets”)

You need to create high quality content assets that will be really useful to your audience. Your lead magnet must solve a real problem and be easy to understand. Lead magnets often use NLP techniques. This will help you to generate more leads. A set of “lead magnets” for is absolutely critical for effective B2B SaaS Marketing & Lead Generation.

3. Find New Channels to Reach Potential Clients

Use unique PPC channels like B2B Finances Online. Gather the information you need. The bottom line is that you need to get the most basic pieces of information first (for example, name and email address).

4. Evaluate and Segment Your Leads

Not all leads are qualified. Based on the information you have, sort your leads by segment and target them with a unique offer.
You can segment your leads into two stages:

  1. Lead’s readiness to buy;
  2. Other lead properties. For example, which part of your business interested them, what they read about the product on the website, their awareness of your company, etc.

5. Optimize Your Channels for Mobile

Nowadays, a lot of people use smartphones to conduct their product research and even make a purchase decision. Make sure your website, ads, and other channels employed in marketing are optimized for mobile. Mobile marketing is the next battleground for B2B.

6. Use LinkedIn Ads for Lead Generation

LinkedIn is one of the most effective promotion channels for B2B SaaS. This channel has some of the highest conversion rates for lead generation. The main tactic includes targeting based on the buyer persona and constant updates of the ads.

7. Use Facebook B2B “Look Alike Audiences” & Ads

Every B2B SaaS company should ensure that their social media strategy includes Facebook. Facebook allows you to target your audience and the ads are highly customizable. Your B2B SaaS ICPs will be targeted with your Assets/Offer and you will be able to generate qualified leads.

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