4 Steps Guide How to Create a B2B Marketing Strategy That Doesn’t Fail

B2B SaaS marketing is about attracting qualified leads into your funnel so that some of them convert to your sales pipeline and ultimately to paid customers. Therefore, it’s essential to identify the leads you want to attract and to know how to do it successfully. All of this is defined in a B2B marketing strategy and you achieve success via a “strategic marketing process”.

According to Hubspot, “The strategic marketing process involves conducting research and establishing goals and objectives that will maximize the effectiveness and success of your overall marketing strategy.”

In other words, strategic marketing (and a process for developing an effective marketing strategy) consists of several stages. Every stage is unique but indispensable from the overall marketing strategy. Only by following each stage step-by-step, can you achieve success.

Below are the stages you must consider in your B2B Marketing so that the strategy succeeds and doesn’t fail:

Planning of B2B Marketing Strategy

This is the fundamental first stage of the B2B SaaS marketing strategy. Therefore, it is the most important one. At this stage, you set your business goals and objectives so that you can think about the ways of achieving them. Without first identifying your marketing goals, you should not start executing your strategy.


At this stage, you need to compare your business to the other ones on the market. Therefore, you will conduct a market research and a competitor analysis. Whereas the former will provide information on the development of the industry and help define market share, the latter will give a sense of the competition in the industry. If you don’t conduct these studies, you will not be able to assess if your goals and objectives are achievable.

At this stage, you will also study your target audience. This will give you an insight into their needs and help you understand how your business can cover them.

Development of B2B Marketing Strategy

Once you research your competitors and define your target audience, you are ready to develop a marketing plan. You will create an overall strategy and particular tactics to lead you to success in achieving your goals.

At this stage, you will also identify your marketing mix that is necessary to help you achieve your initial goals, taking into account the analysis of the industry and competitors. A marketing mix consists of four Ps: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. A thorough and precise identification of these notions will help you avoid failures in your marketing strategy at this and further stage.


This is the final stage in the marketing strategy, and it presupposes the action. Only after thorough planning and analysis conducted in the previous stages can you start implementing the strategy you’ve developed. However, this is not the time to stop analyzing. As the market is constantly developing, you may need to come back to your previous stages from time to time.

To conclude, a strategic marketing process in B2B SaaS consists of the Planning, Analysis, Development and Implementation stages. Each stage is integral to the overall strategy, and ignoring any of these stages will lead to suboptimal results in your B2B marketing and lead generation.

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