Revenue Growth Consulting

Hands-On Work to Create Value

We help you accelerate “Revenue Growth” as an Executive in Residence doing the hands-on work to create value and fast-acting results. The reason is that we can help you improve the entire Marketing-to-Sales pipeline, top to bottom, all based on real-world, practical, hands-on experience as senior executives who led global Sales and Marketing teams.

Real Results, Not Recommendations

When we provide consulting, we focus on results and not recommendations. We help companies hit their sales goals through hands-on tangible effort to improve the entire marketing-to-sales funnel and pipeline. Our approach is as an experienced executive who rolls up my sleeves and does real hands-on work to quickly analyze and identify operational value creation opportunities – especially top-line sales revenue growth – and then create a plan and immediately begin to implement the key improvements. The focus is to provide a fast-acting results and not just recommendations and this starts with immediate improvements in sales and marketing efficiencies and effectiveness and then these quickly result in sales growth.

My focus is to implement meaningful results that provide long term and sustainable operational improvements to Sales and Marketing and then ensure to transfer the entire knowledge and skill back into the company.


Help your company make it’s overall sales target (i.e. attain the “Board Plan”):

  • Start by analyzing all Sales Performance & Execution, Teams, Sales Process, Sales Strategy & GTM
  • Analyze key progress areas: Sales Activities, Sales Pipeline & Sales Results
  • Audit your Sales Ops, Metrics/KPIs, Win Themes, account management approaches and pricing
  • Provide clear and actionable recommendations for accelerating organic revenue growth
  • Propose optimal “best practices” that are customized to your company’s unique context
  • Help you recruit best-in-class, A-level sales talent (including from my network) to build your team
  • Help you recruit experienced and proven senior sales executives, sales directors and managers
  • Develop a Sales Strategy to help your sales force attain the annual sales target
  • Improve and make your existing Sales Strategy better and more effective
  • Engineer or optimize your sales into a highly effective and comprehensive Sales Process
  • Develop a new or optimized Go-to-Market / GTM Strategy & a Clear MAP
  • Perform Greenfields Market Analysis & Research – Identify New and Untapped Opportunities for Growth
  • Build a Sales Team and create a new GTM to sell into a new market segment or vertical that we identified in the Market Analysis
  • Operationalize and systematize your sales motions and plays into an a Sales Playbook
  • Improve the Metrics-Driven Sales Management with the right Sales Metrics, KPIs & Reports
  • Develop easy-to-use Sales Performance Dashboards for the Entire Sales Team to monitor performance and pipeline metrics
  • Deep-dive and Troubleshoot Sales (using the 5P Framework) and assess problems with sales effectiveness
  • Team / Headcount Plan & Capacity Planning – Improved Org Design & Territory Management Plan
  • Analyze your Sales Effectiveness & Sales Growth Drivers
  • Analyze the Sales Team and assess if you have a “good” sales team (irrespective of PPR or Quota Attainment)
  • Create a Team / Headcount Plan for your Sales Organization
  • & Capacity Planning – Improved Org Design & Territory Management Plan
  • Analyze and design an optimal inside / field direct and channel mix to maximize your sales results
  • Optimize Quota Setting & Sales Compensation Design – improve incentive-based compensation management to rapidly improve sales performance and accelerate results
  • Improve Sales & Marketing Alignment through smart SLAs and interlocking of both Strategies
  • Recommend or help implement a new or improve Sales Tech Stack (such as InsightSquared)
  • Perform a Competitive Analysis analyzing the competitor’s Go-to-Market and create effective Battle Cards
  • Create the key “Win Themes” with supporting win tactics & action plans for each such theme
  • Help construct an effective Opportunity Management and Account Management Processes
  • Conduct channel, market segment and customer analyses
  • Optimize your Sales Operations to enable the your sales force to maximize their customer-facing time while intelligently reducing your operating costs for supporting sales

Problems That We Will Help You Solve:

  • Sales are not growing, growing too slowly or are in decline
  • Sales revenue is not growing predictably and consistently
  • Key business functions are not perfectly aligned with Sales
  • Sales pipeline is not growing predictably and consistently
  • Not enough Opportunities inflowing for sales
  • Marketing or Demand Generation not generating enough leads for the sales team

Real Results (not Recommendations) for Sales Organizations:

  • Grow sales and ARR / revenue consistently and predictably
  • Get more of your team to hit their sales quota goals regularly
  • Increase your monthly and quarterly sales at a 50%-100% faster growth rate
  • Grow your sales across the team and across your territories
  • Reduce the ramp time for your newly hired sales reps
  • Close more deals (more new logos / new customer acquisitions)
  • Reduce the Customer Acquisition Cost ($CAC)
  • Higher Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • Improve sales effectiveness and productivity per rep (PPR)
  • Significantly shorten the Sales Cycles
  • Increase the deal % Win Rate
  • Increase your average deal sizes ($ASP, $ACV and $ARPA)
  • Build a more robust and larger pipeline across the team
  • Improve your deal terms and reduce discounting
  • Enhance and optimize your Sales Process
  • Recruit A-level talent & High Sales Team Engagement
  • Penetrate new markets and expand your market share faster
  • Improve pipeline management and forecasting accuracy