How to Increase B2B SaaS Lead Generation by Repurposing Content

It’s challenging to create original content for various channels to achieve a wider reach and increase B2B SaaS lead generation. Repurposing content can be a way to make the workload easier and more productive.

How to Repurpose Content?

You repurpose content by refreshing, modifying, or recycling the content that has already been posted on your B2B SaaS channels. It saves time otherwise spent on the search for new information. For instance, if you have some content in your blog, you can use the ideas from there in your B2B SaaS social media posts. This way, your ideas can be spread to a wider audience, and you can increase your B2B SaaS lead generation.

However, just like in any other marketing practice to be effective, repurposing content should not be done ad hoc. Therefore, there are certain points you need to consider before repurposing content for B2B SaaS lead generation:

  • The objectives of content repurposing. It is important to determine the objectives of content repurposing to help you measure the effectiveness of this practice for your B2B SaaS. It can be to save time by not searching for new topics, to increase your brand awareness via other channels, to reach new or different audiences, etc.
  • The specificities of the channel you repurpose your content to. Think of the features of that channel, the type of content posted and the users’ behavior there. Knowing the intent and behavior of your target audience on specific channels will help you create the content that will resonate with them. You need to adapt your content to that specific channel and target audience to get the most for your B2B SaaS lead generation.
  • The criteria of content repurposing. Not all content can and should be repurposed. You need to develop the criteria to follow when repurposing content. It can be the frequency of prospects’ engagement with it, the easiness of its repurposing, its universality in changing times. It’s better to avoid too specific or time-bound content, as it may not be relevant to repurpose.

What Content Can Be Repurposed?

Blog Posts

Blog posts can often be repurposed. You can choose the ones that showed high performance, although have some outdated information or not relevant SEO keywords. You can just add some fresh data and your new post is ready.


Combining your B2B SaaS content into an E-book is a great way of repurposing. You may also make this content gated to acquire qualified B2B SaaS leads. Moreover, you can repurpose your blog posts into a book that is set for sale if it is well-structured, includes valuable insights, and conclusions.


You can also turn your textual content into an infographic to increase reach for your B2B SaaS. But be careful not to overload it. An infographic includes only the basic points: sections, bullet points, or icons.


You can develop a more tailored email strategy by repurposing your B2B SaaS content. This marketing practice will increase customer engagement with your B2B SaaS.


A presentation is a channel that includes valuable content and infographics. It is also a great way to sum up the information about your B2B SaaS in repurposed content.

SMM Posts

Your B2B SaaS content can be effectively repurposed in social media. However, keep in mind that it should be visual to catch the prospects’ attention and include interesting information to engage your B2B SaaS target audience.


It takes more time and effort to repurpose a video. However, it is worth it for increasing brand awareness and increasing your B2B SaaS lead generation. You can make mini-videos to social media posts and ads. Also, you can engage with your B2B SaaS target audience by GIFs made from the videos. Moreover, you can share some audio parts in a podcast and vice versa Livestream or shoot a video from making a podcast.

Summing up, there are many ways to repurpose content. To do it effectively, you need to know the objectives of doing it and define the criteria for content to be repurposed. By repurposing content, you can save time for the research and development of ideas for your B2B SaaS content team. Also, when you repurpose content for other channels, there are much higher chances to increase reach and accelerate your B2B SaaS lead generation and revenue growth.

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