First Steps to Begin Prospecting for Sales Meetings

Every company wants to book more sales meetings. Before you have your SDRs get on the phone or email (or before they start using SalesLoft or Outreach), make sure you do the following as suggested by outbound prospecting expert Jeff Winters, CEO at Sapper Consulting. Here are 5

12 Lead Generation Strategies for 2021 (for B2B SaaS)

HubSpot’s recent “Marketing Research – 2020” states that 61% of marketers rank lead generation as their top challenge. Yes, Lead Generation is a problem for nearly 2/3 of all marketers in B2B. There are many tried and true tactics but fewer are working going into 2021 because many

5 Key Aspects of Successful B2B SaaS Companies

Every successful fast-growing B2B SaaS company has to have a large TAM (Total Addressable Market). But there is more to the best of SaaS – based on what I’ve seen of the best companies where I’ve been on the executive teams including Veeam and Acronis: Exceptional Customer Experience

Top Signs That You Must Troubleshoot Your Sales Strategy

Several times a year you must do a quick checkup and get a gauge on whether you need to rethink your Execution or troubleshoot your SaaS Sales Strategy. This is primarily about the “New Business” sales rather than Customer Success and existing business renewals or upsells & cross-sells

How We Will Audit and Assess Your Overall Sales Capability

Assessing Your Sales Force Strength to Identify Upside for Growth If you need to assess your overall B2B Sales & Revenue Growth capability and strength, below are the key and high-level areas that I recommend to audit.  This doesn’t mean that you must do a deep dive into

The SaaS Sales Scaling Formula

A couple of years ago I presented at the annual Inside Sales – Sales Acceleration Summit about “The Science of Sales” ( posted the presentation on Slideshare). What I used to call the The Magic Sales Formula is the “SaaS Sales Formula”:   Here are my notes on the

CRO Performance Metrics

  CRO’s Performance Metrics Sales results Bookings Quota Attainment Pipeline KPIs Overall revenue results Overall revenue growth Customer Retention Lead Generation Contribution to Pipeline & Revenue Unit Economics LTV:CAC improved over time Payback Period improved over time Revenue team alignment  

Creating a 3-Page Strategic Plan

For some companies, it may be better to start with a very basic “1-Page Summary of the Strategic Plan” which is very over-simplified but can be easily and quickly reviewed by anyone in the organization.  However, for a more substantive plan (yet not over-complicated), you may want to