Creating a 3-Page Strategic Plan

For some companies, it may be better to start with a very basic “1-Page Summary of the Strategic Plan” which is very over-simplified but can be easily and quickly reviewed by anyone in the organization.  However, for a more substantive plan (yet not over-complicated), you may want to have 3-Pages that offer a few more details. Note that the proposed Summary Strategic Plan is not the same as your complete “Corporate Strategic Plan”.  It’s just a summary. Also, if you read any books on Strategy (see the books I listed here: What Exactly is Strategy?) then please note that a Strategic Plan is iterative and you can evolve and improve it throughout the year if necessary.


Here is what I typically recommend to include in such a simplified and summarized 3-Page Strategic Plan:

How to Create a Simple 3-Page Corporate Strategic Plan

Page 1:

  • Our Mission (your organization’s “core purpose” – why we exist)
  • The 10 Year Vision Statement (what you want to be in 10 years)
  • Core Values and Beliefs (this affects your culture and whom you hire)
  • 3-5 Strategic Priorities, Themes, Pillars (Themes or Pillars that inform your top organizational objectives)
  • 3-5 Top Corporate Objectives (i.e. OKRs)

Page 2:

  • MAP Profile (i.e. M: Markets – Markets &  Segments/ A: Account – Target Company Profile / P: Persona – Target Buyer Profile)
  • Our Products / Offerings
  • Key Benefits to Our Customers (these must always be what your target customers value)
  • Our Unique Value Proposition, Brand Promise
  • Our Differentiation vs. Competition (these must truly matter to your target customers)
  • Our Core Competencies and Unique Competitive Advantages (these must be hard to copy by the competition)

Page 3:

  • Our Core Key Focus Areas (this year & this quarter)
  • Diagnosis of Our Challenges (Issues, Risks, Weaknesses & Threats from SWOT Analysis)
  • Overarching Guiding Method to Deal With the Challenges
  • Key Coherent and Tangible Actions


What else?  What are some other thoughts on simplifying and summarizing your company’s Strategy to communicate it quickly and easily to the entire organization?