CRO Performance Metrics

I get asked frequently how a B2B SaaS company should compensate a new CRO.

Here is a basic set of KPIs for a CRO that can get you started:

CRO’s Performance Metrics
  1. New Business (New Logo) Sales Results
    1. Bookings
    2. Quota Attainment
    3. Pipeline KPIs
  2. Expansion Sales (Account Management) & Renewals
    1. Expansion: Upsell & Cross-Sell
    2. Renewals, Logo Retention, Net Revenue Retention
  3. Overall revenue results
    1. Overall revenue growth
  4. Demand Generation & Customer Marketing
    1. Marketing Sourced Pipeline & Sales
    2. Marketing Contribution to
  5. Unit Economics
    1. LTV:CAC improved over time
    2. Payback Period improved over time
  6. Revenue Team – cross-team alignment


What else?  What are some other CRO Performance Metrics you use?