Using Email Marketing for B2B SaaS Lead Generation

Generating new B2B leads is essential to growth – 85% of B2B professionals say lead generation is their main content marketing goal (ZoomInfo, 2019). Without them, attrition and competition can erode your business. Naturally, B2B lead generation can be tenuous at best, bearing fruit only a small percentage of the time. This is why most organizations spend a considerable effort on lead generation via email marketing.

Generating Cost-Effective Leads via Email Marketing

The question is what is the most cost effective way to get business leads? There is no shortage of methods. Social media, landing pages, email, content, and SEM are just a handful of potential sources. Here we will tackle one of the most effective which is email marketing.

While some argue about the continued effectiveness, it is still one of the most dominant lead generation tools for business. Almost 90% of marketing professionals use email as their main marketing tool (, 2021). The reasoning why is very simple. It statistically is very effective. While not as trendy as the latest social media platform, it produces. Just take in this statistic. The return on investment for email marketing is on average over 4,000%.

Why Do Email B2B Leads Boast Such A Large Return On Investment

So this begs the question of why. What is the core reason email marketing is such a great lead generator? There are a vast number of reasons why this is a key arrow in your lead generation quiver. In fact there are dozens. Two major factors are simplicity and control. Both of which shape some key benefits of this type of lead generation.

Simplicity of Email Marketing

Simplicity is a big factor as to why these are so prolific. Using very little capital you can begin cultivating targeted lists of potential customers. Easily deployable, almost any size business can start email marketing within hours. Once launched, they allow any company a high degree of control.


The email lists your business cultivates as yours. Large empire building social media or search engine conglomerates cannot limit your access. They are your lists and your relationships. You are also protected from quasi political threats like being removed from a social media platform. The lists are proprietary and can be used anywhere you have internet access. Beyond these benefits you still need to use this medium effectively. Precise targeting methods and incentivizing email readers can improve your chances of success using it.

But Sending Emails Is Not Enough

Just like there are lots of different types of lead generation, there are multiple techniques to send effective emails. Simply put, the more targeted the email, the better chance you have of a more targeted lead. Accordingly there are two things you need to consider when crafting your email strategy. The first is something to entice your specific target. The other is your processes and how to use them to garner more qualified leads or change course if you are not.

While there are many targeting options for lead generation emails, a simple download offer can be a simple effective choice. A download offer gives the buyer some digital incentive that can be downloaded in exchange for the email. Naturally, the offer should fit the demographic of who is coming to the page. Additionally, the page visitor should find the offer attractive. Of course how do you even know if you are hitting the mark with the people coming to the landing page and accepting the offer?

Lead Effectiveness Can Be Shaped With Process

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