4 Tactics to Use in Your B2B SaaS Blog Strategy to Be More Effective

Blogs have been a popular method for sharing insights, building a community and generating leads in B2B SaaS. The tactics shared below will help you to improve your blog and make it more effective.

Mix Short and Long Blogposts

First of all, identify the topics you cover and share with your target audience. If it can be explained briefly, then 300-500 words will be enough. However, if it is a complex concept that requires a detailed explanation, you need to provide a long read. You need to keep a balance between the two. It is essential to keep your readers engaged, both those looking for a 2-minute read and those interested in diving into detailed discussions.

Create Blog Content More Frequently

When you create content frequently, it is more likely that Google will rank your blog and, consequently, the website higher. The best frequency is 3-5 posts a week. It will make your blog live and give you a rush of traffic and leads. But you should be cautious of creating content for the sake of it since this can reduce the authority of your website and you will lose your readers.

Write Consistently and Regularly

Along with frequency in content creation, consistency plays an important role in your blog’s success. To get started, you can experiment and collect data on the days that your website had the most visits on your blog and then stick to the optimal schedule based on your research. Failure to stay consistent will likely result in the loss of the target audience.

Make Your B2B SaaS Blog Unique

The readers need to be given useful information that cannot be found in other blogs. Unique content will interest your target audience, but make sure the content is not useless and too lengthy. You need to know what worries and interests your audience, as well as their problems to provide the best solutions in your blog.

In summary, a more effective blog will attract more targeted visitors (ICPs & potential buyers) to your company’s website – and, more importantly, will generate more leads for your SaaS.

The frequency, consistency, and uniqueness are the components of an effective blog (and again, this will help your B2B SaaS company generate more leads and MQLs).

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