How to Use Agile Marketing in B2B SaaS

According to Agile Sherpas and Forrester’s research, 51% of marketing in 2021 is agile. If you want to find out why it is so effective and how to use it in your B2B SaaS, keep on reading this article.

Specific Goals for Every Team

In Agile strategy, there are many teams, each working on their specific area. For example, the teams can be divided based on the customer segments, products, or stages of the customer journey. You cannot have too many teams as the more focused they are, the more insights in specific areas they can deliver to improve your B2B SaaS.

Daily Stand-Up Meetings

Every agile team has a stand-up meeting that takes place once or twice a day. This meeting has a short time frame, usually 15 minutes, and a set agenda designed to check the status of each practice. These meetings are helpful to address any problems that occur rapidly and clarify the tasks with the other team members so as to unite the team efforts into the ultimate goal – promoting your B2B SaaS.

Weekly Sprints

Every one or two weeks, the marketing team is running the so-called “sprints.” They are called this way because these meetings are short and to the point. The marketing team analyzes the efficiency of their practices. If the practices showed good results, they iterate them. However, if some of the practices did not work as expected, they adjust their strategy and propose new solutions for promoting their B2B SaaS company.

Tracking Every Agile Marketing Practice

To gather the results of the team’s marketing practices, they need to track their application accurately and effectively. When the team sees positive results, they continue using this approach and can set a foreseeable goal for the next sprint. Also, these promising results can then be established as business rules in your B2B SaaS.

Progress Boards

In Agile Marketing, every team member tracks the completion of their tasks on board. You can use a whiteboard or a digital Kanban Board in your B2B SaaS. Nonetheless, it’s important that all team members have access to it and see the progress of the others.

Agile Marketing WIP Limits

WIP stands for Work-in-Progress, and it means that every team member has a time-based limit to complete a specific task. Also, WIP limits define the maximum amount of work that can be done in each status of the workflow. Therefore, this practice allows to easily identify lacking efficiency in the B2B SaaS team’s workflow.
To conclude, Agile Marketing is designed to improve the workflow by splitting employees into specific teams, conducting daily stand-ups and weekly sprints, tracking every marketing practice, using progress boards, and defining WIP limits. All of these practices especially used together will significantly improve your B2B SaaS marketing results.

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