How to Improve Your B2B SaaS Marketing – 5 Easy Solutions for You

We recently spoke to a couple of CMOs and made a list of 5 problems in Marketing that you might experience in B2B SaaS. These problems are easy to solve and our solutions will help make your B2B SaaS marketing and lead generation more effective.

Problem 1: Only a Small Percentage of Sales Happen on the First Contact

Solution: You need to make sure that your leads convert (i.e. leads which did not get all the way down your marketing and sales funnel and which did not make a purchase). You need to do lead nurturing – you must continuously nurture your prospective buyers. Make sure that you constantly stay in front of your target audience by adding value. Send them emails and also ensure they are retargeted by your ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram, and also keep them informed about new products or special offers.

Problem 2: Not Enough Reviews About Your SaaS Product

Solution: You need to make sure your company has an online presence that is trustworthy. After all, potential clients will conduct their research before buying from you. After you sell your product, you can send an email asking for feedback about their experience with your company. The more positive reviews you have, the less value negative comments will have.

Problem 3: Most People Don’t Go Past the First Page of Google Search Results

Solution: If your website is not on the first page of the Google results, you should improve your SEO. It will take a little time to get your website up in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Meanwhile, you can start with PPC ads to get your website in front of potential customers and keep working on your SEO.

Problem 4: Every Year, Businesses Loose Many of Their Customers

Solution: This happens for various reasons – some people simply no longer need your solution and some switch to your competitors. But instead of obsessing about it, you should constantly do “customer marketing” and improve your B2B SaaS product based on the feedback from your existing customers – a great quality product combined with great marketing will increase your customer retention.

Problem 5: Low Response Rate to Email or Direct Mail

Solution: Very few of your contacts in your B2B database (and very few leads) will open, click or respond to your email. You need to constantly optimize your segmented lists of “suspects” (i.e. cold names in the database) as well as leads. Then you need to ensure your emails offer real value and the messaging is optimized.

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