The Analytical Sales VP’s Essential List of Sales Analyses

I’ve written extensively on Data-Driven and Analytical Management of Sales (as well as Sales & Marketing). I also wrote few books ( on the Quant Sales Management methods. But in this article I decided to share actual lists of the most essential analyses and reports that I regularly use to manage Sales & Marketing analytically for all the real CRO or VP of Sales & Marketing *Quants*. Some of these are contextual and there are additional analyses I’d do for different types of companies but if you are running a B2B sales & marketing org in SaaS then these lists below will typically be ones that you will use regularly to assess how to hit and over-attain your sales targets by optimizing the entire funnel from Lead Gen > SDRs > AEs and all the way to Closed-Won sales.

Here is a list of Weekly Sales & Marketing Analyses – please note that some of these would also be reviewed monthly and quarterly:

Weekly Sales & Marketing Analyses


Here is also a list of Monthly (& Quarterly) Sales Analyses that you would want to review on a monthly basis (they complement and add more insights in addition to the ones you review weekly):

Monthly (& Quarterly) Sales Analyses

And these are the Monthly (& Quarterly) Marketing Analyses:

Monthly (& Quarterly) Sales Analyses more


What else? What are your thoughts on the key analyses and reports you need to have as a Quant CRO / VP of Sales & Marketing?

Also, if you would like to get a spreadsheet with some examples of these or want to bounce ideas on how to manage sales in an analytical way then please feel free to contact me –