Sales Management: Sales Team’s Weekly Kickoff Meeting

This is the time that every VP of Sales talks about the Annual Sales Kickoff.  It’s important to get it right and start a new year with a great Kickoff.

But there is another kickoff meeting that I think is very important – the “Weekly Sales Kickoff” which is a team meeting.  Every VP of Sales has a preferred cadence and a process for the important sales team meetings.  And one of the most helpful meetings that works well is to kick off every week on Monday morning with this Weekly Sales Kickoff.

Here are some of the things that I would do or ask my Regional VPs or Sales Directors do with their teams:

  • Discuss top priorities (note: this is a team meeting so not meant for coaching)
  • Marketing update on campaigns
  • How we’re doing
    • Talk about where we are MTD (month to date) & QTD as a whole
    • Show bookings trend chart / dashboard – how we are tracking vs. sales activity
    • Show forecasts, where are we to goal – MTD vs Sales goals / if we’re behind the trajectory then let’s pick it up
    • Where are we on activity, calls, forecast, MQLs, new opps, etc. MTD compared to where we should be on the month
  • Reminder on promotions, contests, marketing campaigns this week and instructions for sales to follow up on those campaigns (invite a Marketing manager)
  • Discuss new product features (invite a Product manager)
  • What are your ideas to follow up w/ campaign? ask reps to share their new talk track on X, etc. to share with the team and cross-pollinate educational takeaways
  • Show appreciation in full team meetings (give constructive feedback only in 1:1 meetings)

What else?  What are some other thoughts on weekly sales team meetings?