Why a Smaller B2B SaaS Marketing Agency Brings Better Results

It may seem like the more people work on your B2B SaaS marketing the better. However, in reality, it is often not so. Big teams often do too much extra work that is not always cost rewarding. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has a, ‘two pizza rule,’ which means that if a team can’t be fed by two pizzas, that team is too big. A study by Lego found that a two-people team completed a task 20 minutes faster than a team of four. Here are several arguments why a smaller marketing agency can bring better results for your B2B SaaS.


It’s no revelation that marketing strategies don’t turn out as planned. If a large marketing team needs more time to adapt, a small one can come up with the solutions of fixing the damage much faster. Small teams are more engaged and have greater autonomy. A study by Gallup revealed that the U.S. companies that had fewer than 10 employees showed a 42% engagement rate, while those with larger teams showed less than 30%. In a small marketing agency, you don’t have to go through several levels of management for approval to implement the ideas that seem fit. Therefore, you save a lot of time and resources in your B2B SaaS marketing.

Customized Approach

Small marketing agencies can develop a more customized approach to your B2B SaaS. They only have several clients and can concentrate on each one to deliver the best results. Your communication with the B2B SaaS marketing agency will be much more direct. Accordingly, you will be able to achieve results more effectively as no information will be lost underway, and you will avoid misunderstandings. A small B2B SaaS marketing agency will come up with the marketing decisions that fit your business best. They will study your prospects carefully and make the marketing practices more targeted. This will bring more leads and revenue for your B2B SaaS.

Measuring Results, Not Effort

Not all marketing efforts lead to great results, and a small team of marketers can perform such effective B2B SaaS promotion that a large team will be left far behind. It’s important to measure the results, not the effort in B2B SaaS lead generation and revenue growth. The increase in the lead number will not always result in revenue growth. Your leads need to be qualified, and your marketing strategy needs to be effective in lead nurturing. You will also be able to optimize your ROI with a small marketing agency, as they will deliver the best results in the most cost-efficient way.

To sum up, when choosing a marketing agency for your B2B SaaS, keep in mind that size does not determine effectiveness. In fact, there are some strong arguments in favor of the smaller B2B SaaS marketing agencies. Small teams are more flexible, provide a more customized approach to your B2B SaaS, and deliver the best results increasing your ROI. Therefore, it has been proven that a small marketing agency is a smart choice for your B2B SaaS promotion.

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