How Inbound Marketing for B2B SaaS Business Works

Inbound Marketing is a critical foundation of B2B SaaS Marketing & Lead Generation.

As Hubspot says, “The inbound methodology is the method of growing your organization by building meaningful, lasting relationships with consumers, prospects, and customers. It’s about valuing and empowering these people to reach their goals at any stage in their journey with you” (Source: Hubspot “What is Inbound Marketing?”)

This methodology has three general stages, each of them has unique characteristics. This article discusses each one of them and how to apply them in a B2B SaaS Marketing context.

Stage One: Attract

Your goal is to attract the right website visitors and leads who can become your customers. Every B2B SaaS company should focus on the interests of the target ICP / Target Buyer Persona. The target audience will find you if they see your company sharing useful information with them.

At the very beginning, decide on the topics your audience is interested in, create a content plan, and select channels for promoting your content. Use the methods of digital marketing. For example, the possibilities of search engine marketing (search intent targeting) and promotion via social networks (audience scraping).

Stage Two: Engage

First you attracted your initial target audiences who visited the website of your B2B SaaS company. Now you need to capture the leads on your website whether through a Landing Page and a form, or through a B2B Chatbot. Then, in order to keep your ICPs/Target Buyers engaged and to ensure they think of your solution at the right time, you must do “lead nurturing” consistently .

And note that very few website visitors will share their data unless they see real value. You need to make sure you are providing your website visitors with something that benefits them in exchange for their contact information.

It could be an eBook, an eGuide, an Infogrpahic or a webinar – anything related to helping them solve their problems (and related to your B2B SaaS product), which has unique value (not found anywhere else).

Stage Three: Delight

Now you have got leads that turned into customers, you need to ensure you’re your customers will be happy. Exceptional customer experience will turn your customers into promoters who will refer other customers to your company.

In summary your B2B SaaS Marketing Strategy should have Inbound Marketing at the foundation. Hubspot says “Your goal is to attract new prospects to your company, engage with them at scale, and delight them individually.” (Source: Hubspot “What is Inbound Marketing?”). Attract, Engage and Delight – that’s how your B2B SaaS Marketing should execute its overall marketing and lead generation effectively.

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