Sales Management: 5 Steps Before Selling a New Product Or Launching Into a New Market

If you just joined a company as a new CEO or COO or as a new VP of Sales, and before you begin selling a new product at your company, here are the 4 things you should understand clearly for yourself and communicate clearly to the entire sales organization (and to marketing as well):

  1. Define the Target Buyer (focus & narrow the segment)
  2. Identify the Challenge/Problem/Pain you are solving
  3. Understand how the Customers want to buy (what is the typical Buying Journey)
  4. Develop your Messaging: Unique Value Proposition, Differentiation, Elevator Pitch
  5. Create a playbook for your sales team – what is a winning motion and play and how to execute

Needless to say, you need to design an effective Go-to-Market Strategy.  And of course, you always need to have a complete Sales Strategy in place.  But these are the 4 simpler steps to take and things to define clearly before the sales team can start selling effectively.

What else? What are some other things that you want to define clearly before you get going?