5 Ways to Increase Marketing Automation for Your B2B SaaS

All B2B SaaS without exception are interested in marketing automation. It is what allows you to get the same results with less effort and increase B2B SaaS revenue growth. This article provides five of the most effective B2B SaaS practices for marketing automation.

Lead Scoring

This marketing strategy will save much effort and funds for your SaaS company. By scoring your B2B SaaS leads, you will be able to find an approach to them based on their readiness to convert. You will save much of the marketers’ efforts and increase your ROI by not wasting it on the leads that are not ready to convert. Lead scoring is based on your prospects’ behavior, so it’s accurate and helpful in understanding the intent of your B2B SaaS target audience. Your marketing effectiveness will also grow as a result of the personalized approach to the leads of various categories. You will adapt your content to achieve the utmost effectiveness in B2B SaaS lead generation and revenue growth.

Automated Follow-up Email

Email is a frequently used channel of communication with your B2B SaaS target audience. You may not always be able to follow up with your B2B SaaS prospects in a timely manner. Therefore, automated email chains will keep them engaged so that they don’t lose interest in your product. Automated email chains will provide the responses that will continue nurturing your B2B SaaS leads and ensure that you don’t leave any of them out.


Another automation tool for quick and timely responses to your B2B SaaS prospects are chatbots. You can use chatbots to provide answers to the questions of your leads or direct them to relevant resources on your website. This way, your leads will not have to wait until you get to them to answer their questions. It saves time for you and them and would make your communication much more effective.

Trigger Marketing

According to HubSpot, Trigger Marketing is “the use of marketing automation software to perform a task as a result of an event, often an action taken by a prospect or customer.” A trigger is considered to be anything that can be measured with your B2B SaaS CRM. It could be placed on the specific web pages of your B2B SaaS that were viewed, the number of viewed pages, or a conversion rate from forms. You need to make your B2B SaaS website full of triggers so that leads are being directed to the necessary content when they perform some action. This marketing automation practice will significantly improve your marketing funnel.

Self-Nurturing Content

Before converting, your B2B SaaS leads learn about you, using any content they can find. Additionally, your B2B SaaS target audience would also want to learn more about the industry to pick up something useful from your content. However, you may not have the time to create a great capacity of content about your B2B SaaS. Self-nurturing content will provide as much relevant information as your prospects need to completely satisfy their interest. The ongoing content will engage your prospects and endlessly provide renewed content to keep them interested like scrolling feed on Instagram or Facebook.

Marketing automation is useful for every B2B SaaS company. Lead scoring, automated follow-up emails, chatbots, trigger marketing, and self-nurturing content are some of the most effective marketing automation practices that will help you to boost your ROI and increase your B2B SaaS revenue growth.

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