5 Top Rules on Gaining the Most from Your B2B SaaS Paid Ads

There are basically two ways you can advertise your B2B SaaS: organic or paid. The organic way takes too much time and is unpredictable. Therefore, most companies choose paid advertising. However, paid advertising may not turn out to be cost-efficient. Here are some rules on how to gain the most from your paid ads.

Do not put your funds into all paid ads channels

Google Ads will open a variety of options for paid ads as well as LinkedIn and other platforms. However, you should think about your B2B target audience. If they mostly view feed and story, there is little use in investing in other placements. You don’t need an audience network on LinkedIn. Instead, you can use feed. Ultimately, you will save money on your B2B SaaS advertising and increase your ROI.

Do not estimate effectiveness by lead generation but by customer conversion

Many B2B SaaS make the mistake of taking into account only lead generation but not customer conversion when assessing the paid ad strategy effectiveness. However, in reality, marketing leads close at less than 1%. Actually, this rate is usually 0.01% and the companies keep following the strategy. You need to measure the effectiveness of your paid ads not by the actual revenue obtained but by lead conversion. This will help you to see how you can lower your B2B SaaS CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost).

Do not disregard the intent of your target audience

If you disregard the intent of your target audience, you may send the wrong message to them. This will downgrade your conversion rate or, even worse, cause customer disappointment. Therefore, you need to know your B2B SaaS target audience well — understand their pains and their intent. If you do not spend enough time and resources to study your target audience, you will end up losing more.

Do not forget to think through your nurture funnels

Quite often, marketers concentrate too much on paid ads and do not think about where the clicks will take their prospects. Therefore, the prospects get lost and leave the funnel. You should develop a long-term lead nurturing strategy to ensure their successful conversion. It’s effective to use sequences of connected content and call-to-action buttons to accelerate your B2B SaaS marketing impact at each stage of the marketing funnel.

Do not rely on paid advertising only

Organic traffic can take a long time to get and you cannot be sure how it will grow. However, relying only on paid advertising is also not as effective as using both ways of advertising. Driving organic traffic requires some funds, too, because you need to pay the marketing specialists for content creation and search engine optimization. Therefore, you can spare some funds for paid ads and some for organic traffic. This will improve your B2B SaaS advertising results, and you will achieve utmost effectiveness.

Advertising is about getting the attention of your target audience. Your B2B SaaS can do it either by organic or paid advertising, however, it’s best to combine these two ways to achieve the most effectiveness. As for paid ads, there are some rules that will help you obtain the best results for your B2B SaaS.

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