The 3 Critical Gaps Between Planned Outcomes vs. Actual Results

There are always gaps between Strategy and its Execution, between business expectations and the actual results.  You can invest a lot of time into a solid Corporate Strategy or your Sales Strategy that you think will deliver exceptional results but some times the result will be off from what you intended

Leading Teams – Decisions by Consensus vs. Conviction

One of the top productivity killers for sales reps is over-focusing and over-investing in low-probability Opportunities (Opps) which clog up your sales pipeline and distract reps from focusing on the high-probability Opportunities. We refer to a bad Sales Opportunity (i.e. Opp) in a slightly comical and symbolic way

How to Create a Sales Mission Statement

If your company doesn’t have a clear and strategic Mission Statement, you have an identity crisis on your hands. Without these statements, your business doesn’t have a clear direction or core values to help guide it into the future. It may seem like some marketing exercise, but in

Big Shift in SaaS Sales

Managing Sales in SaaS Today is Far More Challenging Than 10 Years Ago A good sales force is a force and a force multiplier. If you build a world-class sales force and a sales function at your company then it can be a key to your competitive advantage,

3 Most Important Things in Sales

There are 3 most important things in sales and sales management: People Pipeline Process Why? People – if you hire A-level people and develop them to execute at a high level then you get top 10% outcome. Pipeline – with growing pipeline you will increase your revenue and