The SaaS Investment Fund

The “Revenue, Inc. SaaS Growth Fund” is an investment fund focused on solid SaaS companies with high potential.  We primarily invest in companies that we advise or those which are referred to us through our advisory work.

When we invest, we help create long-term value for our invested companies, their employees, local communities, all of the shareholders, and our own investors/LPs.

We have a diversified investment approach designed to be “simple, flexible & smart”.

Creating value is at the center of everything we do.  Our value-add to our invested companies is our “Revenue Inc.” revenue acceleration expertise to help you scale the revenue side of the business.  We are excited about the opportunities to discuss investing in companies whom we also help as sales & marketing consultants.

We are a key partner on your growth path as we are Sales, Marketing, and generally GTM/Revenue team operators who can help you hire your EVP of Sales or optimize your full-funnel, improve your pricing or help you figure out how to generate more leads. Our team is here to help you with the operational expertise and resources to help you scale your predictable and repeatable revenue faster.


Our Goal is to Help Build Great Companies

  • Invest in solid, sustainable businesses with strong fundamentals
  • Invest in companies that can use our value-add help to grow better
  • Invest in diverse teams that make a positive impact

We Look to Invest in Opportunities With Scale and Impact

  • Software companies with rapidly growing annual recurring revenue
  • Tech-enabled businesses that solve critical business problems
  • Operations, automation & workflow technologies
  • New digital user experience optimization
  • Real estate & finance software
  • Marketing & sales tech stack
  • Cloud infrastructure software

Our Investment Approach

  • Exceptional and sustainable growth-oriented B2B SaaS companies with a high return potential
  • Great management teams with domain expertise whose culture & core values align with ours
  • Large Total Addressable Market (TAM) providing scale and market leadership potential
  • Companies with a sustainable competitive advantage which are impacting their industry
  • Businesses that already have existing customers who consider the solution as necessary
  • Existing sales traction, rapid sales velocity, rapid growth in sales bookings and recurring revenue
  • Effective execution, capital efficiency and strong unit economics at their phase of growth
  • Investment opportunities with a potential for a high return on our investment
  • Competitive differentiation via proprietary technology or uniquely differentiated position
  • Finally, we invest in companies where our “Revenue Growth Acceleration” value-add portfolio advisory and deep expertise in scaling sales will align to the top priority and needs for the business

Our Differentiation – “Growth Acceleration” Value-Add Advisory

We target 5x-10x value creation by implementing a customized and hands-on growth acceleration initiative unique to each portfolio company and a collaborative partnership with the management teams to bring best practices, insights, and processes that drive value across all operating areas to achieve solid exit and ROI.

  • Sales – dramatically increase sales productivity and velocity using data-driven sales management best practices to drive record growth and results
  • Marketing – improve lead generation to scale qualified leads and boost the sales pipeline
  • Operations – improve operational processes and improve internal alignment across all the teams
  • People/Talent – help with recruiting the top talent and optimizing performance management
  • Pricing – optimize pricing and bundling to improve the upsell and cross-sell
  • M&A – help source, negotiate, and execute acquisitions that achieve synergies, and provide integration strategy to increase scale, capabilities, and strategic value
  • Exit Planning – provide strategic introductions, aid in investment banker selection, and help prepare for an exit either to strategic buyers or financial sponsors, as well as an IPO


Our Investment Strategy

  • Expansion & Growth Stage: Series A Bridge, Series A & Early Growth-Stage Series B
  • Sales Traction: capital-efficient B2B SaaS companies that have already advanced after their early phase, already have a Product-Market Fit, already have 10+ corporate customers, with $500k – $2M in recurring revenue, and are positioned for rapid growth
  • Initial Investment Size: $500k – $2M investments