Revenue Growth: Identifying Growth Blockers and Using the Root Cause Analysis

Every B2B SaaS company will encounter growth problems and as the CEO, COO, GM or a senior executive (such as a VP of Sales) will need to identify the root causes before making plans to fix them.

Here are the key 7 steps of a typical Root Cause Analysis:

  1. Identify the apparent problem then define the problem and clearly state the actual problem
  2. Collect the data (both explicitly and by talking to the people on the team)
  3. Identify the Symptoms and Possible Causes: use 5 Why’s, Drill Down, Cause and Effect Diagrams, Fishbone Diagrams, etc.
  4. Determine which are Symptoms and which ones are the possible root causes
  5. Distinguish the symptoms and causal factors (and correlation) from the actual root causes
  6. Figure out necessary corrective actions and solutions to help resolve the problem
  7. Implement the action plan and solution.

In B2B SaaS, there are just a few general types of causes that impact Revenue Growth:

  • People – someone did something wrong or didn’t have the right plan or didn’t execute the plan well
  • Organizational – the culture, system, process or guidelines in place were wrong or sub-optimal