What Exactly is “Strategy” in B2B SaaS?

The other day I met with a tech industry CEO and we talked about  Corporate Strategy that he is planning for 2019 and how he wants to grow his company’s revenue by over 100%+ in the next year.  We spent at least half of the time actually discussing

Use “Sales Systems” to Systematize & Operationalize Your Sales

If you aiming to build a “sales machine” that generates repeatable, predictable, scalable and sustainable revenue and growth, you need to first systematize your sales – i.e. you have to develop a System for yourself. Such system, just like coaches develop for their professional sports teams, in turn comprises several

Creating a Culture of Accountability in Sales

As a Sales Leader you have to create a culture of accountability – everyone across the organization has to be accountable for their own performance and results. What is Accountability?  “It is a force that provides rewards or consequences for actions. A leader imposes the consequences for failing

The Process for Effective Sales Execution

John Wooden who is one of the greatest sports coaches of all time said “Don’t mistake activity and achievement“. And Lou Gerstner, a former CEO of IBM who turned IBM’s fortunes around, similarly instructed – “Don’t confuse activity with results“.  Being busy and making an effort doesn’t mean

How to Train Your Sales Team Quickly – Top Free Resources

What This Is: Unified Training Knowledge Hub for the sales team All the key info for sales training at your fingertips Understanding Our Customers, Their Challenges / Needs, How They Decide Our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) Our Target Buyer Persona Unique Value Proposition Elevator Pitch Our “Buyer-Focused” Prospecting